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Are you a software specialist, a database whiz, a domain expert, or a quality assurance specialist? Do you have skills in business analysis? Do you want to work on major business projects and processes for global clients?

If so, consider a career with NDS InfoService. We have a rich history of providing outsourcing services across a range of business sectors, and a flawless reputation for quality and achievement.

But beyond that, we combine the professional ethos of a large, diverse company with the excitement and friendly work culture of a small firm. We have built a flexible and transparent culture that fosters innovation.

We believe in sharing the company's success and learning. Each employee undergoes an in-depth training program that includes cultural orientation to international business, the NDS work culture and industry best practices. This is supplemented by project-based training where required.

We also employ specialists such as MBAs, law professionals, accountants and others for specific assignments.

If you are an IT professional, here is your opportunity to work on serious international projects. And if you are a recent graduate, you couldn't ask for a better environment in which to build a career. Promotion at NDS is based solely on merit, through a fair and understandable assessment process. We encourage continuous learning and personal improvement, and remuneration is based on performance and effort.

NDS is growing fast, and we give preference to existing employees when filling higher-level vacancies.

Also, we want to hear what our people think about working with us. We welcome feedback from our employees, and do our best to put their suggestions into practice for improving the workplace.
About NDS
NDS enables large and mid-sized organizations to enhance their profitability by smart-sourcing IT and business processes. Our solutions combine automation to increase productivity and efficiency with innovation to enhance business effectiveness.
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Our time-tested, four-step procedure ensures that your benefits are optimized as the project moves into full implementation. Targeted metrics help to measure, monitor and map every stage in the delivery process.
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Facilities &
NDS’secure, world-class delivery centers in the US and India are equipped with employee-friendly, ergonomically-designed work stations and robust disaster protection mechanisms with high security measures in place.
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