Case Study 1

Executive Summary:

NDS InfoServ improved denial analytics (recovery) by 10% as well as reduced payment posting costs by 40% for a leading RCM services business. NDS was also able to streamline the customer’s correspondence tracking process. This resulted in a 30% improvement of their denial appeal workflow.


The client was doing end to end billing and AR for several prominent hospitals and large physician groups. The client was employing FTEs to manually process paper EOBs as well as sorting and delivering correspondence documents received from a large variety of payers.


  • The client was unable to track the denials from their paper EOBs. This resulted in the inability to effectively work over 10% of their total denials from all payers.
  • The client was facing losses due to inaccurate manual payment posting from paper EOBs. They also had staff turnover that resulted in a costly and time-consuming process to train new staff on posting paper EOBs.
  • The client also struggled managing the tracking of critical payer correspondence that further reduced the timely reaction to strict payer timelines. The segregation of these documents was inconsistent and often caused rework within the patient accounting workflow.


NDS deployed their automated payment management solution to convert all the paper EOBs into accurate, postable 835 ERAs. This process immediately enabled the client to address all denials coming from the paper EOB workflow. Deploying NDS’s automated solution nearly eliminated the client’s dependence on the manual payment posting routines.

For the correspondence documents, NDS implemented an automated solution to segregate the incoming documents and extracted key index data fields from these documents. NDS then hosted the scanned images and their index data on its web-based Document Management System. This system provides a simple user interface, allowing the client’s appeals and AR staff to quickly access and view critical information efficiently and created a successful process for which to work denials.

The Result:

  • Using the NDS Paper EOB conversion process, the client was able to reduce their lost revenue found in the denials from paper EOBs.
  • The client was able to improve the accuracy of payment posting from paper EOBs as well reduce the cost for this resource intensive process.
  • The client’s staff was further able to submit the additional information requirements to the payers within the timely filling deadlines.