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SharePoint is a comprehensive technology platform that can be applied to solve a number of business issues, and offers a diverse set of features that can be easily adapted for most any business challenge. Using some of the features & custom development we have built the following solutions within the SharePoint environment.

  • Account Payable (AP) Process System
    Accounts Payable, a unit of the Office of the Comptroller, is primarily responsible for processing payment documents related to Purchase Orders, Check Requests, & Vendor Invoices using our AP process system. For more details Read More

    Accounts Payable Problem
    A Fortune 100 company needed to reduce the cycle time of processing invoice payables. Prior to NDS, they sorted and opened the mail at which point their processors keyed the data into the accounting system before filing the invoices for long-term storage. It's a paper flow that requires significant resources, particularly for larger companies. In addition, they required an approval system with escelation capabilities as well as a process to take advantage of early payment discounts.

    NDS provided a two-pronged solution. First, NDS assumed responsibility for all front-end processing, including collecting the invoices and all sorting, scanning, and indexing. Second, the resulting files were made available via a Document Management system, which allows users to access images and approve invoice payment electronically through a customized workflow.

    • Instead of being routed manually, invoices are delivered electronically for approval.
    • PO invoices are electronically validated via integration with the accounting system.
    • Invoices are processed much faster and with more control. No more misfiled or lost invoices.
    • Invoice status tracked from the minute the invoice is uploaded.
    • Automatic re-routing of misdirected invoices to the correct business unit.
    • Vendor notification of all invalid invoices e-form filed with imaged invoice.
    • Early payment discounts have resulted in a 8% decrease in payables.

    Process Overview
    • NDS retrieves, sorts, and date stamps all invoices before scanning and giving each a unique image identifier.
    • Images are posted to the doument management system.
    • Invoices are processed from digital image and then accepted or rejected.
    • Accepted invoices are routed to the general image repository.
    • Rejected invoices are routed to the appropriate user/manager or vendor for correction.

    • No more lost or misfiled invoices
    • Enterprise-wide access to invoices
    • Reduced invoice storage expense
    • Faster data capture
    • Custom reporting of worker efficiencies
    • Sales tax audits take minutes instead of days

  • SharePoint Legal Case Management System
    Legal case management system has two primary functions: it helps to better use, manage, consolidate, share, and protect information, and it tracks and shapes the business process. NDS has implemented a legal case management system for our clients. For more details Read More

    Customer Profile
    Our client is a Legal Process Outsourcing firm. Its aim is to improve the performance of law departments, law firms and academic institutions by providing unparalleled solutions to address the risk, efficiency and effectiveness goals of their clients. They have more than 1,100 attorneys, engineers and consultants who drive economies of scale and knowledge in the areas of litigation, contracting, intellectual property, general legal and operations to deliver seven and eight figure benefits to their clients.

    Current Trends
    Presently, it is vital to have a legal case management system that enables the attorneys and legal firms to keep track of the progress of the ongoing legal cases.

    Business Situation
    Our client approached us with an innovative idea to simplify the management process of the legal cases. They required an interface which would enable the attorneys and the authorized people to view the current status of ongoing cases. The NDS team developed a case management tracking system that resulted in a 30% efficiency improvement for administrative personnel.

    Our experts came up with a SharePoint Legal Case Management system that enables the end-user to get a view of all cases in progress and at a glance see the exact status and next steps required for each case by simply logging on to the platform. This flexibility also means that it's easy for different people to take over the same case if a member of the staff is unavailable. Each client has access only to his own data, which rules out the possibility of information leakage.

    • Collaboration and communication
    • It simplifies case management workflow engine for legal cases.
    • The end-user experience is greatly simplified compared with the previous processes.
    • Shortens the time taken to process legal cases while reducing errors and increasing productivity.

  • SharePoint Knowledge Management (KM) System for Healthcare Industry
    Knowledge management (KM) is the process of capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organisational knowledge. It refers to a multi-disciplined approach to achieving organisational objectives by making the best use of knowledge. We have been implementing complex Healthcare related solutions for more than 20 years & have built a knowledge management system for our prestigious healthcare clients. For more details Read More

    Customer Profile
    Our clients is one of the largest healthcare organizations with a global presence. They are committed to striving towards better healthcare for patients worldwide through leading innovation in healthcare and are recognized as the leading brand in most major countries worldwide.

    The Healthcare industry is an industry which requires methods to collect and manage a magnitude of information consistently to effectively support decision-making. With the constant explosion in raw data, a robust knowledge management solution remains a differentiator.

    The Knowledge Management system developed by NDS allows users to store, analyze, interpret and share information as part of a coordinated processes. The software enables easy sharing of information, reduces customer support and improves staff productivity. This integrated Knowledge Management solution utilizes workflows, task lists, intelligent agents and portals at the personal, project and departmental level.

    The NDS team utilized it's expertise in patient data management and pharmaceuticals to develop a more organized solution.

    This prolific knowledge management system would ensure:

    • Better & Faster Customer Support
    • Reduced Operational Costs
    • Reduced Employee Training Time
    • Centralized & Retained Employee Knowledge

  • SharePoint Intranet Portal
    An intranet portal is a platform that centralizes access to enterprise information through a common interface. NDS can build customized an intranet portal for your company. Common feature include integration with Line of Business applications, collaboration, phone directories, blog and enterprise search. For more details Read More

    Customer Profile
    Our client is one of the largest healthcare companies with a global presence. They are committed to striving towards better health for patients worldwide through leading innovation in healthcare and are recognized as the brand in major countries worldwide.

    Current Trends
    Today, healthcare providers are looking for better, secured and more efficient ways to share information within their organization and with outside key suppliers, partners, and clients. Microsoft SharePoint enables organizations to jumpstart with robust and secured portal to facilitate information sharing both within organizations and over the Internet.

    Business Situation
    Our client had an existing SharePoint 2010 based intranet portal used for collaboration and employee listing. As the existing portal had become cluttered, our client wanted a fresh take on the intranet system with SharePoint 2013.

    Following were their key requirements
    • Improved interface and functionality by leveraging latest SharePoint 2013 platform.
    • Revamping Home page, Master page and Navigation.
    • Redesigning key views using SharePoint 2013 foundation out of box functionality and custom web parts.
    • The new design was expected to be simple and intuitive.
    • Migration of necessary documents and information to new intranet site from existingsite.

    • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
    • Visual Studio 2013
    • MS SQL Server 2012

    • Document Management : An enterprise-level document management system.
    • Corporate Social Networking : Stay connected with your company.
    • Image Gallery : Access corporate images stored within albums.
    • Quick Links : Quickly access your favorite sites.

    • Intranet Portal is available for faculty and staff of the department to collaborate, share and implement online business processes.
    • Provides centralized access to business-critical information.
    • Simplifies internal and external collaboration.
    • Implements effective workflow techniques on existing business processes.
    • Empower end users to update content/documents easily.
    • Faculty and staff can collaborate, share, discover, search and manage various documents easily across departments as well as on the web.

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